Did your college experience suck as bad as THIS?! Tell me about it…

Can you relate?

collegeWell I’ve already told you that school was getting ready to start, and today it pseudo-began! I spent two hours in the campus library with a great friend of mine attempting to fill out comprehensive study guides from last semester. I’m not sure if you understand how bad that actually sucks, they total to be about 50 pages of material from just last semester and the test that they are for don’t take place until December of this year, and I don’t even have to start back full time until Tuesday the 20th!! While talking to my friend today she asked if I had started to browse the classes that we are in this semester, of course I told her “no” and then she commenced to tell me that for the first two months of

I apologize for the language.
I apologize for the language.

Immunohematology we have tests EVERY WEEK! Are you serious?! I miss middle school where you spent the first week learning how to use a locker and getting to know the class. When did school begin to suck this bad?

How many of you are in college? What courses are you studying, and does your college experience blow as much as mine? Feel free to leave your comments below so I know that I am not alone in this terrible world called “college life”.



Having to pay for school yourself really sucks, but I am doing it, so it is possible!

It will all be worth it, I promise!
It will all be worth it, I promise!

It’s that time again; time for spring semester. I have been out of school now for over a month and I go back in nine days! Have you ever seen the movieKicking and Screaming? If not, that is okay because the plot has nothing to do with my point, but the title reflects the exact point of my feelings about returning to the lab. I’m not sure what the worst part about returning to school actually is, the actual act of going back or the having to take out a large fortune to pay for it! The older generation wonders why none of the younger generation is going to college, and in fact its their fault! They are the ones that have made it almost impractical to go to college. Graduating with thousands in debt just to go to a menial paying job doesn’t seem very “educated” now does it? Yet there are still some of us who find that school is worth it, it just hurts us to have to pay for it. My debt after my bachelors degree will be around sixteen thousand dollars, and after my masters that will grow to around one hundred thousand dollars, that is a lot of money. I am hoping to be able to pay it off quickly by getting a job soon out of school, as I am going to graduate as a Physicians Assistant, if all goes well.

That is just tuition cost, next are textbooks. Holy Caca! Those things had better be gold plated and printed on parchment for their cost. My girlfriend priced her books last night and the total came to $366 just for four general education classes! My books last semester were around $300 also but that was only three classes, and the real kicker is that I only opened ONE of them!!! Therefore I have come to my decision for this semester, I am not going to purchase books. I will beg and borrow books from the school or classmates should the need arise, but there is no sense in wasting the money just because the syllabus said so. That’s dumb, and I’m not dumb, okay; I am not THAT dumb.

One piece of advice I can offer every one, don’t be afraid to apply for loans. Loans are not a sign of weakness, they are a necessity.

So that is my rant about the price of school, it is ridiculous, it is outrageous, it is almost not worth it, but hopefully the education pays off and I am able to afford my dream house in the mountains of Montana with my beautiful girlfriend.

Thanks for bearing with me, I hope that you find all the necessary resources to pay for school.


Visit these sites for help paying for school.

FAFSA: https://fafsa.ed.gov/

Scholarships: http://www.fastweb.com/

Info about having to pay for school yourself, like me: http://www.finaid.org/otheraid/parentsrefuse.phtml


Medical Laboratory Science? Or Human Frogger?

What is Human Frogger? Human Frogger is the easy way out of school. It is best described as “playing in traffic”. To be more specific it is playing “Frogger” while blindfolded and ear plugged on Kellogg. This would end in a certain painful death, but at least it would be quick, unlike the slow, torturous and agonizing pain and suffering caused by being a Medical Laboratory Sciences student.

Why am I being so dramatic? Because this program is hard! For example, today in Clinical Hematology our instructor went through three powerpoints, all with no less than thirty slides each. Not too bad, except that last week we went through three with the same amount of slides; and when is the test over the material? Next Monday? Nope! It’s in TWO days!!!

So instead of studying and cramming, I am on here, trying not to just curl into a ball and wish I was dead. This is why a group of students have decided that “Frogger” is a great option. Not literally, but maybe the College of Education is better for me because “those who can’t do, teach! Those who can’t teach, teach GYM!” I love that quote from “School of Rock”. Anyways, wish me luck and I will keep this thing that no one reads informed.

I suppose that this blog will serve as a good tool for me to look back and see how far I have come in twenty years, since I doubt this will get read by anyone other than me.




So…. today my classmates and I took our midterm, cumulative might I add, in our Clinical Hematology course. This course covers everything from how to draw blood to inclusions in red blood cells. Basically everything to do with blood and blood cells. THAT’S A LOT OF CRAP TO KNOW!!!! So basically, I am now in a very low state. I always say that though. I always say that I did poorly and end up doing somewhat okay. However I am sure that this time it will be different. I say all this though to say one thing. Why take tests?? Why test our knowledge? Why punish us for your inability to teach? Not saying that you are a bad teacher but did you learn everything you know, and are subsequently testing us over in an eight week period? Of course not! You learned it over a long and intense career.

I don’t think it it fair to give tests over knowledge that is mostly gained over experience. Oh well, such is life. Oh yeah, almost forgot!! I’m paying THOUSANDS to allow you to test me!

I think it’s time we turn the tables and test the teacher! See if they know there stuff or are expecting more out of us than they know themselves.

Oh well, rant over!

Edit: I got a 78%. While it is low, I’m actually okay with it.