Be nice and save a life!

I posted the blog post last night coming off of a great day, and today has proven that yesterday wasn’t a fluke. It is nice to finally feel included in someone’s life (not counting the one you are dating). It is a great feeling and it is super easy to share, so if you know of someone that you’ve never spoken to or even smiled at, next time you see them please acknowledge them and make them feel as if they are important to you. I’m not saying invite them to dinner, just a simple hello or a smile can turn someones life around.

smile2I promise once you take the time to be nice it will become habit and you will change peoples lives everyday, oh how great that will be.

If you didn’t get a chance to read my post last night titled “Do you matter?…Self-confidence is hard…”, scroll down or click here. It is my story about how a smile can truly change your life and how a simple hello saved mine. 🙂