Sunday’s Soliloquy

Sunday’s Soliloquy

January 25, 2015

Pastor K.M

Topic:  The Cornerstone: The Holy Spirit and the Transforming Power

Today was a good day at my church. Being well rested, well fed (except my wonderful girlfriend didn’t bring me a donut), and in a positive mood it was a great day to be a child of God.donut

The message that I took to heart today started even before the sermon even began, it started with the prayer to bless the offering when one of the pastors said that on the day that we reach the gates of Heaven God will ask if we were good stewards of what he has blessed us with, and honestly right now I cant say yes; I don’t tithe as I should, and that was eye opening. I am so afraid of upsetting and disappointing my disdad here on Earth, but I have never put a second thought into disappointing my Father in Heaven, the one who controls my future, how crappy is that?! Why am I such a bad son? I am going to be a better son to my earthly dad and my dad in Heaven.

This is where the sermon started; “be the neon of this world of darkness”. The pastor, a younger guy, likened the spirit that glows from Christians to the lights of Las Vegas, no matter how thick the blinds the lights from the strip still shine through, so why not let the light of God shine from us at the same intensity?light I am going to write todays Soliloquy in a manner that makes sense to me, so bear with me.

In order to live a true “holy life” we first need to accept the fact that we can’t do it alone. It is impossible for us as humans to live a perfect life, we need help; for a guy like me that is very hard to hear. The help we need cant be found on Earth either, we need help from above, we need God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit to help us live a life that is good in the eyes of the Lord. The pastor made a funny statement today saying that the Godhead isn’t a buffet, it is a no substitutions menu item and we have to have all of it or none of it; so I don’t know about you but I’ll take all of it. I want to be seen as a success and as a good person in the eyes of God. I don’t want to be a disappointment anymore, so I am surrendering myself and asking the Holy Spirit to fill me so that I may live a holy life.

“A cup can only spill what it contains”. “Duh!” was my first thought, then he stated that everyday we all spill something onto cupthose that we meet, so why not ask the Holy Spirit to fill us daily so that we may spill onto others? Whoa! Mind blown! Why don’t we surrender and ask the Holy Spirit to fill us so that we can spill onto others but also so that we can have help to live a holy life?

Driving in the dark without headlights is seriously dangerous, so is going through life in the dark. Psalm 119:105 says

Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.

(Psalm 119:105)

Let the Lord be our headlights that light the path so that we may see where we are going and where we must go.

The pastor explained that the Holy Ghost has many powers some of which include the power to overcome Satan and his temptations and he gives us the power to live a good life. Also, the Holy Spirit is our bridge between us and God where prayer falls short. The Holy Spirit passes on our needs when we cry out because “when a child cries out, a Father can not help but respond” and God will hear our cries.

God is good all the time—All the time God is good.




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