Thank goodn…God! (and proud of it!)

What do you have to be thankful for? Are you brave enough to thank Him? Or do you just thank “goodness”?

This post is kind of a rant of mine, but it irritates me when I say "Thank God" in a respectful 
manner and someone corrects me, here are my thoughts..

Have you ever sarcastically muttered “Thank God for that!” or “Phew! That was close! Thank goodness!”? I know I have and until recently I hadn’t thought that much about what I am actually saying.

Why don’t people say “Thank God”? Is it because we have been trained all our lives to leave God’s name out of things? Or is it because we are afraid that it is against the social norm?

I’m sorry but if I narrowly miss a car crash and the first words out of my mouth are “Thank God I had to go back and get xyz item from home” I’m gonna say it! Why you may ask? Because if I hadn’t taken that extra few seconds I would have been hit by the careening car or I would’ve been on the bridge when it collapsed.


People say that God has a plan, He does, this part is true. However every single solitary detail in our lives is not planned out for us. In the playbook of life it does not say that you are going to eat roast on Saturday January 2, 2015, that’s not what He has planned. He does however plan on you eating so that you can live and fulfill the greater mission He has for you.

gods playbook

You are the God who works wonders; 

you have made known 

your might among the peoples.

(Psalm 77:14)

With that said though, have you ever wondered why some of the little things in your life just work out perfectly? God does afford us little miracles everyday; such miracles come in someone’s kindness whether it be actions or words, they can be in the form of minor annoyances that save you from a bigger problem (see car wreck example above), or they can be the Holy Spirit who whispers or touches you to guide you to do something. These are all things that someone may exclaim “Thank God!” for, and he would rejoice!

God also bore witness by signs andpath to miracles

wonders and various miracles and

by gifts of the Holy Spirit

distributed according to his will.

(Hebrews 2:4)

What small miracles do you have to be thankful for? Are you brave enough to actually thank him by name? Or will you conform to social norms and just say “Thank goodness”? Don’t be afraid to thank Him by name; I know he would it would be well received because as the song says, “I know this ‘cause the Bible tells me so!”

It is a good thing to give thanks unto the lord, 

And to sing praises unto thy name…

(Psalms 92:1)

Give thanks in all that we do!
Give thanks in all that we do!
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God bless!
– A